Farm and Animals

The farm started with a flock of Chickens in 2006 (fresh eggs available). We have since add a variety of animals, some shown below.

Our donkey family, Mandy (Grey), Jake (Brown) and their youngest daughter Jinny (Grey). Mandy and Jake joined Westhill Farm in 2008. Mandy is the oldest. Both donkeys came from a breeding family in Bideford. They are proud parents of 4 daughters, the latest is Jinny (June 2013).

Farm and Animals

Farm animals

We have established the Tamworth breed of pigs to Westhill Farm. Rodney the boar and his 2 ladies are enjoying the easy life and have produced numerous litters of piglets.

We now have a small herd of South Devon and Hereford cattle. We have a new bull for 2022, Majestic Benji!

We also have a large flock of New Hampshire sheep and these have been joined in 2021 by 5 Roussin sheep (2 Rams and 3 Ladies) Ooo la la!